Help! My editor is reading my book!

‘Six Months to Get a Life’ is virtually written. I am really proud of myself. The book currently has a 100% 5* rating. Ok, I am the only one to have read it so far but let’s not dwell on small irrelevancies.

Someone else is reading it now though. I have just sent my tome off to an editor.

I am now feeling as insecure as my principal character, Graham Hope. Will the editor like it or will they pan it as the worst piece of ‘literature’ they have ever had the misfortune to read?

I am of course hoping they report back that they love the book. That it is the best debut novel they have come across. It is certainly the best debut novel I have ever written.

But as a still wet behind the ears author, I am also hoping that my editor adds value to the plot and to my writing style. I don’t just want a pat on the back. I could get that from my mother.

On second thoughts, no I couldn’t. My mother would probably tell me there is too much swearing in it.

I was hoping to publish my book in the autumn but I want it to come out with a bang rather than a whimper so I am going to work with some lovely people to get it properly produced, marketed and promoted. This means publishing in early 2015.

The more I read about other authors’ experiences, the more I realise how much of a novice I am. I love writing but I need to get to love all the crap that goes with it if you want your book to be a success.

I am putting time into developing my ‘author platform’, whatever that means.

I am tweeting regularly but as far as I can tell, everyone on twitter talks but few listen.

I am reading about SEO and other three letter acronyms. FFS.

And ‘pay per click’ advertising is on my list of things to think about for this week.

I just hope that all this extra stuff doesn’t suck the creative energy out of me. Get me. As Ray, Graham Hope’s best mate in ‘Six Months to Get a Life’ would say, “Get a grip you tart. Don’t go all arty-farty on me.”

I would love to hear others’ thoughts on the whole process.


3 thoughts on “Help! My editor is reading my book!

  1. C.V. Madison June 23, 2014 / 4:25 pm

    My suggestion is to pay for people to do advertising instead of pay per click ads. A lot of people click, not a lot of people but after clicking. You spend a fortune for three sales.

    Of course your mileage may vary.

    Twitter has a lot of people who read but don’t favorite or comment. Your message is being seen. The spammy posters without original content tend to get ignored. I black list them, personally. I have better things to read than “buy my book” posts. However, if you have your blog set to post to Twitter, it gets things out. I retweet blog posts sometimes a few weeks later to get more exposure. Someone may see it later that didn’t see it before.

    Slow and steady has won the race for me so far, but I’ve set the bar low for myself. I’m so incredibly thrilled my book sold 35 copies. I never expected to sell more than three.

    Anyway… author platform is just you putting yourself out there, which you’ve done. You’re on your way, author. 🙂

  2. Turkeywithstuffin June 23, 2014 / 8:08 pm

    Sounds like you are being very sensible and ticking lots of boxes – I did a lot of things ar*se about face but life’s short and there’s a beach on my doorstep! Good luck with it all 🙂

    • Ben Adams July 14, 2014 / 7:52 am

      Sorry ‘turkeywithstuffin’, I only just saw this comment – proves that life is too short. If I had a beach on my doorstep I don’t think I would ever write!
      Thanks for reading,

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