Where do I write?

This excellent blog gives a great insight into a few eminent authors’ writing habits. It mentions me too! I am currently reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’, a gift from my work colleagues when I left my job. It would seem that Stephen and the authors featured here share a love for writing in the mornings…


For those who know me and where I live, the question is often asked about how I manage to find space to write and avoid the obvious distractions of family life! We live in a modest sized 3 bed semi-detached house with 2 school age children and the whirlwind that comes with that! In an ideal world I’d love to have a writing shed – somewhere in the garden that I can physically retreat to, in order to have my own space, make my own mess and be away from the distractions that come with ‘working from home’! It doesn’t need to have much – a desk, a comfy chair, lots of book shelf space, lighting and heating. And windows – lots of them! But in reality, writing space can, I guess be anywhere, I mean JK Rowling famously wrote much of the Harry Potter series in a cafe down…

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